Souli Roots

“At any age, you can achieve”- Souli Roots

Chant Vocalist and Songwriter Souli Roots surfaced on London’s music and entertainment scenes in 2009, armed with her Strong Woman mix tape and a good working attitude. Her fresh musical style of Experimental World sounds form a particular cross hybrid genre that shapes and reflects in her music. It can be described as hauntingly good and memorable, with distinctive instrumentation inclusive of ethnic drumming, wind instruments and electronic sounds that build and repeats rhythmically to suit her unique poetic chant-like style. The rich textures and tones in Souli Roots voice can evoke deep seated emotions and bring out the positive energy in any audience.

Souli Roots worked as an actress for Blue Mountain Theatre in London in their hit play “Young, Gifted & Phat”, they liked her so much that Souli Roots was allowed to sing her own songs during intermissions during the show’s tour around the UK. She proved to the audience that she has the capacity to refresh and entertain them with her flamboyant spirit performances.

Souli Roots went on to support the UK’s Drink Drive Awareness Campaign CADD in 2011, with her self-penned Drink Driving song which was well received by the founder of CADD, Mrs Carol Whittingham MBE.

Souli Roots carried on in her own world of entertainment with wild performances at venues such as Hackney Empire, Hootenanny Brixton and also open mic sessions across London. In 2013 She entered the X Factor with her self-penned Recession song that saw her secure a place at boot camp and was no longer a stranger to the mainstream media. She displayed fearless flamboyant performances at Wembley SSE Arena which aired on national television, this spurred on the motivation in Souli Roots to carry on developing herself as an Artist.

Souli Roots left her day job as a call centre worker to focus solely on her music career and in her own words she said,

“I will die trying to achieve my dream as an Ambassador of world peace through my music,
I will never give up
I won’t give up”.

Souli Roots sought professional training to help her gain exposure in a broader musical repertoire at Kingston University where she currently studies Music Performance. Souli Roots has nurtured her unique style as a Chant Vocalist and Songwriter and specialises in Experimental World Music and Reggae Music genres. Souli Roots created her own window of opportunity by setting up her personal record label, Assai-Voyager-Music Ltd, giving herself a secure platform for her music. She is hard at work recording and releasing new singles, which she planned to release as an album next year.

Souli Roots is actively project managing her latest singles; a drum and Bass piece called, THIS IS THE PLACE which best describes her experience of living in London Town since arriving in the United Kingdom from Jamaica in 1999, and this song was released on her label in 2016. Also, she released on her record label the epic World Peace Expression song on September 07, 2017, with lyrics aiming to reassure the global village offering hope and calm to people, encouraging the world to move away from conflict and help create conditions for peace. Despite her personal challenges, she maintains her confidence and believes in her musical talents and she hope to make a massive impact on the local and international music scene with her positive songs.


Official video

Souli Roots’ new Road safety campaign song!

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Souli Roots will be releasing her new Road safety campaign song in January 2020

The new ‘World Peace Expression‘ is now available to buy on Amazon, 7Digital and Deezer

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SouliRoots at the Universal Peace Federation – UK Annual Assembly

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Saturday 2nd December, 2017

“Today was UPF annual assembly. They acknowledged and celebrated the peace works from their members locally and internationally. It was an eye opening experience for me, as I sat there listening to the inspirational commitment from representatives from the global and diverse community. It was a mixture of young and mature people raising awareness for world peace.”

“I was invited to sing my World Peace Expression song by Mr Robin Marsh UPF Secretary General.”

Souli Roots